Hangzhou Rubber Factory of Hangzhou Rubber Group Company (Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Co., Ltd.), founded in 1958, is one of the core factories of Hangzhou Rubber Group Company. It once was a state-owned enterprise. At present, our products include rubber crawler, bicycle tyre, solid tire, rubber conveyer belt, V-belt, and all types of rubber hose. Among these products, rubber crawler, solid tire, V-belt, hydraulic hose and color hose are exported to the overseas market in huge volume. Our products have achieved good prestige with excellent quality and competitive price.
    In 1995, our company obtained the ISO-9002 certification and the certification of the Ministry of Country Technical Control about "To perfect the system of measuring and inspecting" and the ISO-14001 Environment Management System Certification in 2002. We started the wide-range technology cooperation with Fukuyama Rubber Co., Ltd. (Japan) in 1997. Japanese advanced technology of rubber crawler production has been introduced to our factory. We maintain good relationships with some world famous companies, such as Yanmar, Komatsu and Kubota. In order to bring our management to the international level, we started the "5S" campaign, which is originated from Japanese enterprises.
    For many years, Yonggu Factory runs well and develops dramatically. For instance, the total value of output in 1996 reached RMB 60 million with 2 million profit. In 2003, the figure increased to RMB 300 million with 30 million profit. The average annual increase rate is about 30%.
    Objective brings great deeds, diligent makes good business. We will continue to serve both domestic and foreign customers with advanced technology, excellent quality, good service and competitive price.

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